Golf Laser Rangefinder 1000M 650M Telescope With Pin Distance Meter And Flag-Lock Slope for Hunting Monocular

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Golf Laser Rangefinder 1000M 650M Telescope

Are you looking to improve your golf game or enhance your hunting experience? Look no further than the ARTBULL Golf Laser Rangefinder!

This robust device combines the function of a rangefinder, telescope, and monocular for ultimate versatility. It features a 6X magnification and a 6° field of view, allowing you to effectively target your next shot or hunting game. With a measuring range of 5-650YD and 5-1000YD, this rangefinder is perfect for both short and long-distance shots.
The ARTBULL Golf Laser Rangefinder offers five different modes that cater to unique measuring needs. The line distance mode determines the straight line distance between two points, while the horizon distance mode measures the horizontal distance between two points. The vertical distance mode measures the vertical distance between two points, and the height distance mode determines the height between two points. Finally, the golf mode distance mode includes advanced features like slope compensation and flagpole locking function, making it perfect for golf enthusiasts looking to up their game.

demonstrating distance and angles of the Golf Laser Rangefinder 1000M 650M Telescope
With its sleek and ergonomic design, this laser rangefinder is easy to hold and operate. It features a Slope compensation function that adjusts measurements based on incline or decline, ensuring that you get accurate calculations every time. The Flagpole locking function also enables you to lock onto a specific target for precision measurements.

Measuring time is fast, taking only 0.3 to 1.5 seconds to calculate distance accurately. The rangefinder uses code (YD) for Yard and (M) for the meter as the unit of measure, providing measurements that are easy to understand.

To power the ARTBULL Golf Laser Rangefinder, simply insert batteries and you're good to go. The device has been certified by CE, ensuring its safety and quality.
2 Colors Gray and Green of Golf Laser Rangefinder 1000M 650M Telescope

Whole package of Golf Laser Rangefinder 1000M 650M Telescope

Whether you're trying to perfect your swing or take your hunting to the next level, the ARTBULL Golf Laser Rangefinder is a reliable and accurate choice. Order yours today by smashing the "BUY NOW" button below.

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