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Introducing the 3D Nail Printer Nail Art Equipment: Experience Nail Art like Never Before!

New Mobile Portable 3D Nail Printer

Are you tired of spending hours at a nail salon, waiting for your turn to get the perfect nail art done? Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to convenience with our revolutionary 3D Nail Printer Nail Art Equipment. This portable and innovative device will redefine the way you experience nail art. Let's dive into the key features of this product that makes a game-changer:

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New Mobile Portable 3D Nail Printer

Special Ink Cartridge: FM10 - Unleashing Limitless Creativity

Our 3D Nail Printer comes with a special ink cartridge called FM10, which is capable of painting up to 250 nails with a single cartridge. This extraordinary capacity ensures that you can explore your creativity without worrying about running out of ink. With the FM10 ink cartridge, your nail art imagination knows no boundaries!

New Mobile Portable 3D Nail Printer

New Mobile Portable 3D Nail Printer

Newly Upgraded 2400dpi Effect - Precision at Its Finest

Experience nail art like never before with our newly upgraded 2400dpi effect. This high-definition printing capability ensures that every intricate detail of your design is accurately reproduced on your nails. Say goodbye to smudged or pixelated patterns - our 3D Nail Printer guarantees sharp and captivating nail art that will leave everyone in awe.

New Mobile Portable 3D Nail Printer

Easy Operation via Mobile Phone - Unleash Your Inner Artist

Connecting the dots between technology and nail art, our 3D Nail Printer can be operated using your mobile phone. With the versatility to connect to both Android and iOS devices, the O'2NAILS App is your gateway to creating stunning designs. Unleash your inner artist, customize patterns, and let your creativity run wild - all at the convenience of your fingertips.
New Mobile Portable 3D Nail Printer

New Mobile Portable 3D Nail Printer

Custom Pattern Capability - Express Your Unique Style

Get ready to express your individuality and unique style with our 3D Nail Printer. This innovative device allows you to create your own custom patterns using a variety of stickers and art designs. No more settling for pre-determined nail art - it's time to showcase your personality with one-of-a-kind designs that truly reflect who you are.

New Mobile Portable 3D Nail Printer

Play With Creativity - Endless Design Possibilities

With our 3D Nail Printer, the possibilities for nail art are endless. Let your imagination roam free and design patterns that match your mood, occasion, or outfit. Whether it's a festive holiday design or a subtle everyday look, our portable nail printer will bring your creative vision to life with vibrant colors and flawless precision.

New Mobile Portable 3D Nail Printer

HD Lasting Results - Showcased Elegance

The high-definition lasting results produced by our 3D Nail Printer will leave you mesmerized. Say goodbye to smudges or dullness - our printer ensures that your nail art stays vibrant and intact for an extended period. Show off your elegance and impeccable style with nails that are picture-perfect, day after day.

New Mobile Portable 3D Nail Printer

Simple to Use - Effortless Nail Art

Designed with simplicity in mind, our 3D Nail Printer is incredibly easy to use. Simply insert your finger into the machine, and voila! Watch as your nails transform into fashion-forward beauties adorned with exquisite nail art designs. No more intricate techniques or time-consuming processes - our printer simplifies the nail art experience for your utmost convenience.

New Mobile Portable 3D Nail Printer

Small and Portable - Nail Art on the Go

Take your nail art everywhere you go, as our 3D Nail Printer is small and portable. With dimensions of Height 13.9cm, Width 10cm, and Length 16cm, and weighing just .5KG, this compact device effortlessly fits into your bag. Whether you're traveling, attending events, or simply spending time with friends, you'll always have the power to nail any look, anytime, anywhere.

Certified Quality and Origin - Trustworthiness Guaranteed

Rest assured that our 3D Nail Printer meets the highest quality standards. It is CE certified, ensuring compliance with safety and performance regulations. Additionally, our product originates from Australia, a testament to its trustworthy and reliable manufacturing.



160x100x139 (mm)


Ivory white, cherry pink, vibrant orange, rose gold, aurora purple


ABS environmental protection material



Power Supply:

DC5/2A, USB power interface

Applicable Ink Cartridge:

FM10 (one ink cartridge can paint 250 nails

Item Type:

Nail Art Equipment





Discover the future of nail art with our revolutionary 3D Nail Printer Nail Art Equipment. Unlock your creativity, showcase your unique style, and enjoy flawless nail art designs - all at your fingertips. Take the leap into a world where convenience meets elegance, and say hello to a new era of nail art perfection. Get yours today by smashing the "BUY NOW" button below and unleash your inner nail art enthusiast!

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