Anti-spy black Glass For iPhone 14, 13 Pro Max, Mini, 12, 11, 8 Plus, 7, 6, 6S SE, XS max, XR, X Privacy Glass

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Keep Your iPhone Safe and Secure All the Time with the top-of-the-line Screen Protector 

Anti-spy black Glass For iPhone

Enhance your iPhone's privacy and protection with the Anti-spy black Glass for iPhone 12, 11, 14, 13, Pro Max, Mini, 6, 6S, SE, Screen Protector for iPhone XR, X, XS Max, 7, 8 Plus by felfial. Experience the benefits of tempered glass durability, advanced features like anti-glare and plasma coating, full-screen coverage technology, and bubble-free installation. With its premium materials, sensitive touch, and unbeatable affordability, this screen protector is the ultimate choice for safeguarding your iPhone's screen and enhancing your mobile experience.

Brand Name and Compatibility:

Manufactured by felfial, a trusted brand in smartphone accessories, this screen protector is compatible with various iPhone models, including iPhone 12, 11, 14, 13, Pro Max, Mini, SE, XR, X, 6, 6S, XS Max, 7, and 8 Plus. It is specially designed to fit seamlessly with these devices, delivering a precise and reliable screen protection solution.

Model and Features:

This anti-spy black glass screen protector is equipped with several advanced features that enhance its functionality and performance. Its key features include:

Clear, Tempered Glass:

Crafted from tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating, this screen protector offers superior scratch resistance and durability. It effectively safeguards your iPhone's screen against everyday wear and tear, keeping it looking pristine.

HD Film and Tempered Film:

The screen protector features an HD film that ensures crystal-clear display quality, allowing you to enjoy vibrant colors and sharp visuals. The tempered film further enhances the overall strength and resilience of the protector, ensuring long-lasting protection for your device.

Anti-Glare and Plasma Coating:

To optimize viewing comfort, this screen protector is equipped with an anti-glare feature. It minimizes glare and reflections, providing better visibility even in bright environments. Additionally, the plasma coating helps control fingerprints and prevents oil pollution, ensuring a clean and smudge-free screen.

Imported Materials and Sensitive Touch:

Made with imported materials of the highest quality, this screen protector guarantees optimal performance and reliability. It retains the original touch sensitivity of your iPhone's screen, allowing for smooth and accurate touch responses.

Easy to Fit and Full-Screen Coverage Technology:

With its precise cutouts and easy installation process, this screen protector is a breeze to fit onto your iPhone. It also features full-screen coverage technology, offering comprehensive protection for your device from all directions. Your iPhone will be shielded against scratches, dust, and other potential damage, preserving its pristine condition.

Bubble-Free Installation and Affordable Pricing:

The screen protector is designed for hassle-free installation, ensuring bubble-free adhesion and a seamless fit. Its automatic absorption makes installation quick and effortless. 

Moreover, it is available at an affordable price range of US$ 1, offering excellent value for your money with each purchase.

Invest in the felfial Anti-spy black Glass screen protector today by smashing the "BUY NOW" button below and enjoy superior privacy, durability, and value for all your iPhone needs.

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