2 Liter USB Electric Heated Lunch Box Food Warmer And Insulated Cooler Bag For Office, School, Travel, Picnic

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Introducing The 2 Liter USB Electric Heated Lunch Box - The Perfect Solution for Keeping Your Meals Warm And Delicious Throughout The Day

2 Liter USB Electric Heated Lunch Box Food Warmer- color white and orange

This stainless steel food warmer is designed with convenience and functionality in mind, making it ideal for office workers and students alike.

2 Liter USB Electric Heated Lunch Box Food Warmer- USB connected to car as a power source

Durable And Easy-to-Clean

The insulated lunch box features a durable and easy-to-clean construction made from high-quality Oxford cloth. The insulation helps maintain hot and cold temperatures, ensuring your food stays fresh and tasty while promoting food safety. Its moisture-resistant design allows for quick and hassle-free organization.

Compact, Portable, And Lightweight

This lunch bag is perfect for packing your meals, snacks, cutlery, and even juice boxes. Its versatile design caters to adults, men, and women, making it suitable for various settings such as workplaces, offices, and the beach.

Food Remains Warm And Ready

Please note that this lunch box allows for constant heating at a temperature of 65°C, ensuring your food remains warm and ready to be enjoyed. It comes in four different capacities: 1.6L (available in orange and white) and 2.0L (available in orange and white). 

Insulated Cooler Bag- color red

Food Are Always Secured

Equipped with a zipper closure, this lunch bag is easy to open and close, ensuring your food remains securely stored. The high-quality materials used in its construction ensure durability and long-lasting performance, providing you with a reliable lunchtime companion. This ins

Insulated Cooler Bag- color white, black, green and red

Please kindly note that the insulation bags are sold separately, and the lunch boxes are not included with the bags.    (getButton) #text=(Insulation Bag Here) #icon=(buy) #color=(#bd2323)

Stable Temperature And Easy Cleaning

The insulation bag is constructed from the same top-quality Oxford cloth, guaranteeing its durability and easy cleaning. When paired with the electric heated lunch box, the insulation bag helps to maintain the desired temperature, ensuring your meals stay warm for an extended period.

2 Liter USB Electric Heated Lunch Box Food Warmer- pouring the soup from lunch box

Enhance your lunchtime experience with the 2 Liter USB Electric Heated Lunch Box - the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and convenient food warming solution. Choose the capacity and color that suits your preferences, and don't forget to add a separate insulation bag to complete your set. 

Get yours today by smashing the "BUY NOW" button below! and enjoy warm and satisfying meals wherever you go.

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