5V 2USB 10w Foldable Waterproof Universal Solar Panel Charger for Cellphone And Power bank

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Embrace High-Tech Charging with the Portable and Waterproof Flexible Solar Panel

Are you tired of running out of battery on your outdoor adventures or during emergencies? Look no further than the Flexible Solar Panel 5V 2USB Portable Waterproof Plate. This innovative device harnesses the power of the sun to charge your cell phone, power bank, and other USB devices. With its cutting-edge features and robust design, this solar panel is your ultimate charging companion for outdoor tourism, fishing, camping, and more. Let's explore the remarkable features that make this product a must-have for all adventurers.

SunPower Maxeon: Efficiency at Its Peak

Enjoy the fastest charge possible with the SunPower Maxeon technology integrated into this solar panel. With the ability to automatically adjust the current and voltage, it delivers maximum power and ensures your devices receive their fastest charge. Say goodbye to long charging times and embrace the convenience of high-tech charging.

Compact and Portable Design: Power On-the-Go

5V 2USB 10w Foldable Waterproof Universal Solar Panel Charger - used for hiking, travel, all outdoor activities

Designed for portability, the Flexible Solar Panel is compact in size and comes with a convenient hook, allowing you to attach it to your backpack during outdoor excursions.

5V 2USB 10w Foldable Waterproof Universal Solar Panel Charger - the cloth cover is waterproof

Its IPX4 waterproof technology, robust canvas surface, and sturdy stitching enable it to withstand various weather conditions. Whether you're hiking, camping, or fishing, this solar panel is built to withstand the elements and keep your devices charged.

Smart IC CHIP Technology: Safe and Efficient Charging

Featuring advanced Smart IC CHIP technology, this solar panel ensures the safety and fast charging of your devices. The innovative chip detects the optimal charging requirement of your device, providing efficient and secure charging. With its built-in voltage stabilization, you can trust that your devices will be charged safely and efficiently.

5V 2USB 10w Foldable Waterproof Universal Solar Panel Charger - charging cellphone, power banks, air buds, and more

Wide Compatibility: Charge Multiple Devices simultaneously

The Flexible Solar Panel has the ability to simultaneously charge two USB devices, making it perfect for those who require multiple devices to be powered at once. It is compatible with a wide range of mobile phones, including the iPhone series, iPad, Kindle Fire, Galaxy tablets, and Galaxy S. Additionally, it can charge GPS devices, cameras, tablets, and other USB devices. Please note that the USB-A to Lightning Cable is not included, so ensure you have the appropriate cable for your Apple devices.

Attention: Important Guidelines for Optimal Usage

To ensure a smooth charging experience, please adhere to these guidelines:

1. If your iPhone displays the message "this item is not supported," please unplug the USB cable and place the charger in direct sunlight. Apple devices have a security system that requires direct exposure to the sun for compatibility.

2. Before using the solar panel, verify the model, size, voltage, and power compatibility with your original adapter. For laptop charging, please close the laptop first as the solar panel is primarily designed for emergencies and not intended as the primary source of charging for laptops.

3. Enjoy customizability! For orders of more than 30, you have the option to customize the solar panel with patterns and text descriptions. Make it uniquely yours!

5V 2USB 10w Foldable Waterproof Universal Solar Panel Charger - leather and fabric style

Specifications and Applicable Scenarios

Module Efficiency


Max Power



6.3 x 11.1 x 1.1 inch


Monocrystalline Silicon

Foldable Solar Panel


Flexible Solar Panel


Number of Panel


Brand Name




Please note that there are various color options available, including the leather style in gray+black/orange+black and the fabric style in Beige/black/camouflage. 

5V 2USB 10w Foldable Waterproof Universal Solar Panel Charger - man and girl using this solar charger on a beach and hiking in the mountain, setting on the grass, setting on the sand beside seashores

The Flexible Solar Panel is suitable for a wide range of scenarios. It is perfect for outdoor emergency charging, fishing trips, camping adventures, cycling journeys, climbing expeditions, and more. Additionally, it can be used for small household appliances such as energy storage, lighting, small fans, earphones, watches, and other devices that require portable power.

Ensure you maximize the charging efficiency by utilizing the solar panel in ultraviolet or sunny places. Please be aware that there are deceptive products on the market with fake power claims, but rest assured, our product upholds the utmost integrity.

Embrace the freedom of portable and sustainable charging with the Flexible Solar Panel 5V 2USB Portable Waterproof Plate. Stay connected and powered up wherever your adventures take you. Invest in this high-tech charging solution today by smashing the "BUY NOW" button below.

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